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Customer Service – Tailoring the Content
‘Mix and Match’ Modules:

As with all our courses, the content of your course can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation and the skill level of those attending. You can ‘mix and match’ the modules from our standard courses found at:

Call Centre Excellence
Conflict Handling Skills
Customer Care on the Telephone
Converting Enquiries Into Sales
Customer Care in the Front Line
Customer Care in Software Support
Handling Difficult or Angry Customers
Help Desk and Technical Support Skills
Leading the Customer Services Team
Service Excellence on the Telephone
Telephone Techniques
Tailoring to specific organisational, departmental or job requirements:

Whether you require a course which concentrates on customer service on the telephone, face-to-face or a mixture of both, Catalyst can tailor the content for you. The type of organisations we have tailored Customer Care courses for include:

County Councils

Financial Services
Hardware suppliers
Health Clubs
Public Sector
Software Support
Trade Unions
Waste Services

To ensure the course is relevant to your needs, we can:

  • Distribute a pre-course questionnaire to attendees and their managers
  • Offer a consultancy where we listen-in to a number of ‘live’ telephone calls or watch
    people in their actual working environment. This enables us to gain ‘real world’
    examples, which can be used in the training programme. We can also meet a
    number of attendees and managers to gain a realistic overview of the types of
    telephone calls and issues they deal with.
  • Develop exercises and role-plays from these examples
  • Adjust the course content appropriately
  • Include your organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Tailor the course notes to reflect your requirements
  • Develop guidelines and standards for good practice
  • Give feedback after the training programme

Catalyst advocates that the best way of learning is by doing. Consequently, delegates will
spend a lot of time undertaking practical exercises. For telephone related courses, they use
our telephone recording equipment. Typically delegates work in pairs; one acting as a
customer, one representing your organisation. They can then listen to a recording of their
work and analyse, in private, the effectiveness of their telephone related skills. Catalyst
provides checklists of good practice and the trainers coach them on areas for improvement.



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