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Negotiating Skills
2 Day Course
Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • plan the negotiation whilst retaining flexibility
  • convey a problem-solving, consultative approach
  • appreciate the advantages of an in-depth consultation
  • use a structured approach to uncover the other party's needs, strengths and weaknesses
  • maximise the strength of your position before negotiating
  • understand when and how to use integrative and distributive bargaining appropriately
  • use appropriate 'models of negotiation' for internal and external customers
  • start positively
  • become skilled in the use of bargaining tactics
  • get and give concessions when appropriate
  • deal with an impasse and arrive at a win-win conclusion
Course details:
  • Negotiators

  • characteristics of good negotiators
    analysis of personal characteristics

  • Negotiation defined

  • what is negotiating?
    non-negotiating activities
    integrative and distributive bargaining
    win-win negotiating

  • Analysing the other party's position

  • a structured approach
    understanding their goals
    exploring the business impact of their:
    - lack of capabilities
    - lack of functionality
    establishing their needs and priorities
    listening empathetically and analytically

  • Preparation

  • deciding your fall-back and ideal settlements
    identifying and prioritising tradeables
    determining trading limits
    considering 'what-if' strategies
    arithmetic and creative approaches

  • Bargaining

  • a 3-phase model
    starting strongly - appropriate tactics
    getting issues 'on the table'
    paying heed to 'trivia'
    asking questions and clarifying
    strategies and supporting arguments
    recognising advantages
    standard and disguised terms

  • Trading concessions

  • tactics for gaining concessions
    handling inflationary demands
    using and reacting to tactics
    pressure removing tactics
    how to make concessions
    five 'don'ts'
    common mistakes

  • Closing the deal

  • dealing with an impasse
    achieving the best possible deal
    agreeing what has been agreed
    implementing terms and conditions
    Tailoring the Course Content:

    Catalyst will endeavour, with your help and approval, to tailor the course content as much as possible. We can do this by:

    • Incorporating your organisation's documentation
    • Referring to your organisation's policies, guides and procedures
    • Agreeing pre-course and post-course work
    • Tailoring exercises and the course manual to suit your requirements

    For further details on how Catalyst can tailor your course see Tailored Courses.


    This is an extremely challenging course which concentrates on the practical skills required of negotiators.  Two negotiating models are broken down into easy to understand stages.  Delegates practice how to build long-term relationships whilst negotiating the 'best deal'.

    Who should attend?:

    This course is intended for anyone involved in negotiating.  Eg salespeople, buyers, service engineers and account managers.

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