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Managing Performance
1-day course

£1300 per day for up to 8 delegates
Course Objectives

To enable individuals to:

  • Deliver one-to-one training effectively
  • Develop positive communication skills
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Turn around problem behaviour and /poor performance
  • Manage difficult situations
  • Learn from these experiences
  • Prevent recurrence
Pre-course Preparation
The pre-course preparation is essential and be found at: Managing Performance Prep
Before attending, each delegate should have a meeting with their immediate line manager to discuss the objectives of this programme and how these can be used after attending it.
Course details
  • Deliver one-to-one training effectively
    ensuring teams have the relevant skills

    planning for long-term success

    giving clear, precise instructions

    ensuring work meets the required standards
    encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own personal development

  • Communicating positively
    developing positive communications skills
    gaining commitment by involving the team
    recognising the benefits of assertive communication
    focusing on business goals
    asserting the managerial perspective
    preventing problems occurring

  • Giving constructive feedback
    evaluating job performance without making staff defensive
    using two models for effective constructive feedback when
    - something goes wrong for the first time (LEADS)
    - the problem recurs (BIF)

  • Turning around problem behaviour and poor performance

    giving constructive feedback in difficult situations
    eg the person who:

    - under performs

    - is late

    - resents the fact you were promoted instead of them

    - says one thing but does another

    - brings personal problems to work
    - thinks they are more competent than they actually are
    Agreeing and implementing Improvement Objectives

  • Managing Staff under Probation
    - you are satisfied
    - there is scope for improvement
    - the person is not up to standard
    Motivating good performers
Course Timings

9.30am - 5pm

Maximum Number of Delegates
The number of attendees is restricted to a maximum of 8 delegates.
Course Reference Material

Each delegate will receive:
- a comprehensive course manual

Post-course Recommendation

During the course, each delegate completes a Learning Log detailing what they learned on the course. It is strongly recommended that their immediate line manager conduct a one to one meeting with them to discuss how they will apply these new skills.





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