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Recruitment and Selection
2 Day Course
Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • comply with current legislation
  • avoid being taken to Tribunal
  • recognise the limitations of the interview
  • overcome these limitations
  • prepare effectively
  • use appropriate documentation
  • structure and conduct a professional interview
  • develop effective questioning and listening skills
  • learn to analyse the responses given by candidates
  • develop 'advanced' interviewing skills
  • gain behavioural examples and evidence of past performance
  • evaluate responses objectively
  • have the necessary skills to recruit the 'right' person
Course details:
  • Complying with legislation

  • avoiding discrimination
    sex and race discrimination
    - recent developments
    - gender re-assignment
    age discrimination
    Genuine Occupational Qualifications
    using positive action appropriately
    disability discrimination
    making reasonable adjustment
    employer and employee responsibilities
    asking fair and unfair questions
    direct and indirect discrimination
    Equal Opportunities Commission
    your organisation's policies
    The Asylum and Immigration Act

  • Pre selecting relevant candidates

  • analysing the job using:
    - job descriptions or role profiles
    - competencies or person specifications
    defining the criteria for assessment
    getting the most from recruitment agencies
    screening CV's to select the best candidates
    inviting suitable applicants for interview
    using application forms

  • Preparing for the interview

  • choosing an appropriate structure
    developing an interview plan
    using Catalyst's Interview Form
    agreeing the role of each interviewer

  • Starting the interview

  • greeting the candidate
    putting the candidate at ease
    outlining the format of the interview

  • Conducting the interview

  • using the interview plan
    asking, probing and confirming
    listening actively
    analysing responses
    note taking and recording 'evidence'

  • Competency based questions

  • gaining examples and obtaining evidence
    sample in-depth questions
    interviewing a range of applicants
    tailored questions to match vacancies
    - technical staff
    - support staff

  • Assessing the candidates

  • 'rating' candidates
    selecting the right person
    keeping notes and documentation
    Tailoring the Course Content:

    Catalyst will endeavour, with your help and approval, to tailor the course content as much as possible. We can do this by:

    • Incorporating your organisation's recruitment documentation
    • Referring to your organisation's policies, guides and procedures
    • Agreeing pre-course and post-course work
    • Tailoring exercises and the course manual to suit your requirements
    • Giving delegates advice on, and time to complete, your recruitment documentation

    For further details on how Catalyst can tailor your course see Tailored Courses.


    Delegates are taken step by step through the recruitment process and practice conducting a number of recruitment interviews.

    Who should attend?:

    This course is intended for anyone who wants to improve their interviewing techniques.  It is suitable for people with little or no experience and also for those looking to refresh their technique.



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