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Handling Difficult or Angry Customers
1 Day Course
Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • promote a quality, customer focused impression
  • learn a 4-step technique to calm customers
  • control their own anger
  • reduce stress when dealing with difficult customers
  • handle a range of angry, abusive and aggressive customers
  • turn complaints into satisfied customers
  • relate the techniques to situations in their own working environment
Course details:
  • Handling aggressive customers

  • understanding the causes of aggression
    why customers get upset
    considering the customer's perspective
    recognising the customer's rights
    crossed transactions

  • Controlling anger

  • recognises what upsets you and why
    realising your instinctive response
    the limitations of an emotional response
    reducing your own stress when:
    - the customer is right
    - they are wrong
    - it is not your fault

  • Reducing stress

  • recognising your stressors
    taking complaints professionally not personally
    reducing tension

  • Calming the aggressive customer

  • a 4-step approach to calming the customer
    dealing with justified complaints
    dealing with unjustified complaints
    using effective listening skill
    empathising with customers
    apologising when it is not your fault
    using assertiveness with customers
    resolving the problem

  • Handling the abusive customer

  • your organisation's policy
    when enough is enough
    avoiding negative statements
    avoiding frustration
    avoiding customer irritation and frustration

  • Difficult situations

  • when your organisation is wrong eg
    - wrong/late/damaged deliveries
    when the service is below standard
    when you cannot provide
    saying "No" to the customer
    Tailoring the Course Content:

    Catalyst will endeavour, with your help and approval, to tailor the course content as much as possible. We can do this by:

    • Incorporating your organisation's documentation
    • Referring to your organisation's policies, guides and procedures
    • Agreeing pre-course and post-course work
    • Tailoring exercises and the course manual to suit your requirements

    For further details on how Catalyst can tailor your course see Tailored Courses.


    This course teaches an effective 4-step technique for dealing with angry customers.  Delegates practice each of these stages and relate the theory to their working environment.  The practical skills are underpinned with relevant theory.  Delegates will appreciate why customers get angry; learn how to calm customers whilst also learning how to avoid becoming stressed themselves.

    Who should attend?:

    This course is intended for staff who have to deal with complaints, talk with angry customers or anyone who would like to know how to control their own and their customer's temper in difficult situations.




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