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Establishing Yourself as an
Effective Manager

One-day course

Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • become established as motivational leaders
  • use various leadership styles appropriately
  • utilise new and existing team members effectively by:
    - motivating them to achieve superior standards
    - giving clear, precise instructions
    - appreciating what their team need
  • give positive feedback appropriately
Pre-course Preparation
Before attending, each delegate should have a meeting with their immediate line-manager to discuss the course objectives and how these can be used after attending it.
Course details:
  • Establishing yourself as a motivational leader
    recognising the differences between management and leadership
    appreciating the importance and impact of managers
    improving credibility, confidence and authority
  • Developing a motivational style
    recognising different leadership styles and their impact on performance
    evaluating your natural leadership style
    increasing enthusiasm and commitment by using the appropriate style
  • The functions of management
    analysing the specific management functions to:
    ensure the team meets business objectives
    - develop and satisfy individual team members
    - co-ordinate, involve and motivate all team members
  • Giving clear, concise instruction
    recognising how the leader's expectations affect team performance
    being pro-active, not reactive
    making the transition from team member to manager
    letting team members know what is expected of them
    ensuring they are focused on this
    agreeing and implementing business objectives
  • Managing the new team member
    developing a positive relationship
    realising the importance of setting and agreeing performance standards
    introducing the appraisal process
    motivating the new team member
  • Managing existing teams
    agreeing performance standards
    avoiding conflict and de-motivation
    being promoted into an existing team

  • Developing your team members
    ensuring teams have the relevant skills
    identifying learning 'gaps'
    planning for long-term success
    ensuring work meets the required standards
    giving positive feedback appropriately
Course Timings
9.30am - 5pm
Maximum number of Delegates





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