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Coaching for Success £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates


2-day course

Course Objectives:
To enable individuals to:
  • appreciate the case for coaching
  • create a positive, supportive environment
  • use the 'GROW' coaching model to generate commitment and enthusiasm
  • forge collaborative relationships
  • structure a professional framework for mutually effective learning and development
  • practice the core skills of questioning, listening and giving feedback
  • unlock potential and maximise performance
  • practice coaching in a range of challenging situations
  • motivate coachees to take a pro-active approach for their own development
Course details:
  • Appreciating the case for coaching
    recognising what coaching is
    appreciating the benefits of coaching

  • Creating a positive, supportive environment
    harnessing the skills and characteristics of effective coaches
    recognising the push-pull continuum
    concentrating on pro-active coaching for development
    enhancing a positive interaction process
    maximising coaching opportunities in your organisation

  • Using the 'GROW' coaching model to generate commitment and enthusiasm
    agreeing the Goal
    assessing the reality of the current situation
    exploring the best options available to successfully reach the goal
    planning the way forward
    using the 'GROW' model as a life skill

  • Forging collaborative relationships
    introducing your role as the coach
    building rapport and trust
    helping the coachee to develop to their full potential
    agreeing a coaching contract
    peer to peer coaching

  • Structuring a framework for mutually effective learning and development
    agreeing a goal which develops their potential and meets business objectives
    linking goals to job descriptions, performance standards and competencies
    identifying the Learning Gap
    planning the Learning Strategy
    developing coachee Action Plans
    gaining commitment to maximise performance
    linking to frequent reviews and the appraisal process

  • Practicing effective coaching skills
    questioning and listening skills
    observing and perceiving the inference
    providing effective feedback using the STAR method
  • Unlocking the coachee's potential and maximising their performance
    preparing the coachee for new tasks, challenges and situations
    motivating coachees to become proactive
    knowing when and when not to intervene
    overcoming the problem of 'letting go'
    enabling the coachee to learn from good and bad experiences
    motivating them to sustain positive attitudes, behaviours and improved performance

  • Transformational coaching
    recognising what lies beneath - the iceberg model
    overcoming defensiveness
    using triple loop learning
    coaching in a variety of challenging situations eg:
    - the person with a negative attitude
    - the under-confident person
    - the confrontational person
    - the de-motivated person

  • Motivating coachees to take a pro-active approach to their own development
    using pre and post course coaching to maximise the effects of training courses
    developing the coachee's initiative
    enabling them to take personal responsibility for their own development





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