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Assertiveness at Work
2 Day Course
Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • understand the difference between
    aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour
  • recognise the effects of these on
    themselves, colleagues, customers and managers
  • learn a 4-step technique for being assertive at work
  • improve their self confidence and self esteem
  • handle problem situations assertively
  • control their own anger
  • deal with aggressive people and difficult situations at work positively
  • develop a range of assertiveness techniques
Course details:
  • Assertiveness defined
  • recognising aggression, passivity and assertion
    understanding the effect of behaviour on:

    - yourself

    - your manager

    - your organisation

    advantages of assertiveness

  • Assertiveness at work

  • a 4-step model to becoming assertive
    asserting yourself at work
    good communication
    recognising your rights
    recognising other people's rights
    asserting your rights
    taking responsibility, avoiding blame

  • Improving self confidence

  • improving self esteem
    developing self confidence
    promoting a positive self image
    speaking objectively, not subjectively
    not giving up
    knowing when to concede

  • Handling manipulative people

  • colleagues

  • Assertiveness and colleagues

  • considering the other person's perspective
    seeking win-win results
    being heard in meetings

  • Controlling your own anger

  • understanding the causes of anger
    coping when you feel angry
    remaining calm
    dealing with people who make you angry
    avoiding emotional outbursts

  • Understanding your emotions

  • understanding instinctive behaviour
    transactional analysis
    choosing the way you respond
  • Handling aggressive people
  • using assertiveness to resolve conflict

    sifting fact from opinion

    do's and don'ts

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • saying "no" to other people
    asserting your rights and respecting others
    colleagues who don't 'pull their weight'
    preventing problems in the future
    Tailoring the Course Content:

    Catalyst will endeavour, with your help and approval, to tailor the course content as much as possible. We can do this by:

    • Incorporating your organisation's documentation
    • Referring to your organisation's policies, guides and procedures
    • Agreeing pre-course and post-course work
    • Tailoring exercises and the course manual to suit your requirements


    For further details on how Catalyst can tailor your course see Tailored Courses.


    The emphasis of the course is on the practical skills of being assertive and how assertiveness can be used to enhance performance. The trainers who facilitate this course have extensive experience and are keen to give pragmatic advice.

    Who should attend?:

    This course is intended for anyone who recognises that their methods of communication cause conflict or frustration for themselves or for others.


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