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Assertiveness for IT Project Managers
2 Day Course
Course Objectives:

To enable individuals to: £1300 per day for up to 8 delegates

  • adopt an assertive, consultative approach
    from initial project meeting to successful implementation
  • manage customer expectations assertively
  • prevent problems occurring
  • assertively handle difficult situations
  • deal with customer objections
  • say "no" diplomatically to unreasonable requests
  • promote a positive impression of the system's functionality and your organisation
Course details:
  • Assertiveness defined

  • recognising the effects of:
    aggressive, passive & assertive behaviour on:
    - you, your customers and your colleagues
    - the success of the project's implementation

  • Understanding the customer's perspective

  • the real reason the system has been chosen
    the change the customer will undertake
    what the customer and their staff want and need
    what differentiates one IT organisation and one
    Project Manager from another

  • Managing customer expectations assertively

  • adopting an assertive, consultative approach
    using a 4-step model to becoming assertive
    promoting the system's functionality positively
    preventing problems from arising
    preparing customers for what they will and won't get
    getting customers to:
    - agree realistic project deliverables
    - commit adequate resources to the project
    - accept implications of changes to projects

  • Managing the project team assertively

  • creating a positive team environment
    agreeing what is required
    ensuring consultants keep you informed
    presenting a 'united front' to the customer

  • Presenting a positive impression

  • when customers are panicking
    when you can't answer the customer's questions

  • Overcoming customer objections

  • functionality objections
    cost objections
    dislike of consultants and other departments
    reluctance to change
    resentment of their own organisation

  • When the customer is in the wrong

  • where they have caused a delay to system 'go-live'
    where they have incompetent staff
    where they are playing politics
    where the customer is trying to catch you out

  • When your organisation is in the wrong
  • the system does not meet the specification
    the system set up is incorrect
    where you cannot meet the agreed time-frame

  • Saying no to to unreasonable requests
    customers have not done what was required
    the customer wants work done outside the specification
    there is nothing in the planning letter but the customer believes that
    they were promised "x"
    the customer does not want to be charged for additional work


    Tailoring the Course Content:

    Catalyst will endeavour, with your help and approval, to tailor the course content as much as possible. We can do this by:

    • Incorporating your organisation's documentation
    • Referring to your organisation's policies, guides and procedures
    • Agreeing pre-course and post-course work
    • Tailoring exercises and the course manual to suit your requirements

    For further details on how Catalyst can tailor your course see Tailored Courses.


    The emphasis of the course is on the practical skills required to be assertive and how assertiveness can be used to motivate staff and maximise performance. The trainers who facilitate this course have extensive experience and are keen to give pragmatic advice.

    Who should attend?:

    This course is intended for anyone who would like to improve their project management interpersonal skills.



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